Porperty Tax

Number ID
Places of Payment

If you have a property at San Felipe, you must call 686 577 6234 for any questions related to property tax.

To check for your Porperty Tax, you'll need the Number Id ("clave catastral"); to find it, check past receipts or water bill. Here is an example:

  1. Enter Number Id to see account statement.
  2. Select payment method.
  3. Make payment.

For your convenience you can make your payments by selecting your method of preference: online payment, at a bank window, at OXXO stores, by check or at the offices of Treasure Tax Collector Department.

Questions related to Porperty Tax? Call our Treasure Tax Collector Department, phone: 52 (686) 558-1600, ext. 1666 and 1679.

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Ayuntamiento de Mexicali
Calzada Independencia 998, Centro Cívico
C.P. 21000, Mexicali, Baja California
T. (686) 558.1600